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What sessions do you offer?
What sessions do you offer?
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We host over 100 hours of sessions a week to either help you focus or recharge either hosted on Zoom or through the FLOWN Platform:

Sessions to Focus




Power Hour

1 hour

A 1-hour virtual focus session with less interaction and goal setting in the chat.

Deep Dive

2 hours

A 2-hour virtual focus session with goal setting to a small group and a guided break activity.


All day

An all-day silent co-working room you can join and leave at any time you like.

Sessions to Recharge





20 minutes

A session designed to set you up for a focused and fulfilling day. It combines meditation, journaling, and goal sharing with a small group.

Take-Off Weekly

30 minutes

Monday Morning Take-Off sessions are 10 minutes longer, to include some practical guidance and a bit of time to help you plan your week, using proven productivity systems to help.


25 minutes

Live breathwork sessions designed to renew your focus and boost wellbeing.

Awe Walk

20 minutes

Live guided walks to help you detach from work and refresh your mind. Join virtually, walk in your surroundings, and experience something novel.

Creativity Burst

20 minutes

A 15-minute drawing session to spark your creative thinking. No artistic skills needed!


20 minutes

Meditation breaks provide a pause in your daily routine - a chance to come to your senses and reconnect with yourself.


20 minutes

Movement sessions are your physical intermissions. They provide a chance shake things up, rejuvenate, and infuse some physical fun into your day. Best of all, they can be done right at your desk or in any other comfortable space.

Click here to find out the timings of sessions.

New to FLOWN?

join an Intro to FLOWN session to help you navigate sessions and learn more about FLOWN.

Community sessions

Community Sessions are sessions created and hosted by FLOWN members.

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