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What membership options do you offer?
What membership options do you offer?

Monthly, Yearly, Lifetime and Free memberships with FLOWN

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There are three paid subscription plans for FLOWN membership:

Monthly Membership

Get access to FLOWN every month with the ease of automatic payments via direct debit. If you decide to cancel, you'll still have the remainder of the current month to use FLOWN. You can upgrade to the yearly plan at any time.

Yearly Membership

Get a year for the price of 10 months with a Yearly membership! If you choose to cancel or switch to a different plan, you'll still have access to FLOWN for the rest of the year. If you're upgrading your membership from Monthly to Yearly membership, you'll be charged on a pro-rata basis against the remaining time you have left on your Monthly membership.

Lifetime Membership

Make FLOWN a permanent part of your journey with a one-time payment for a Lifetime membership. This plan never expires and is a great way to stay connected to our community. Please note that this is a one-time payment and is not a payment plan.

FLOWN Free membership

Alongside paid membership, we also offer a FLOWN Free membership, which allows you to access Flocks and Drop-In sessions every Friday, Take-Off Weekly sessions on Monday and access to on-demand content and community sessions anytime.

If you’re already a FLOWN member, Head over to the subscription page to explore your your options. If you’re new to FLOWN, you can find out more on our pricing page.

Is FLOWN tax deductible?

If you’re a UK business or freelancer, you can claim tax back (20%) on membership and add FLOWN to your tax return as an expense. You can find out more via the .gov website.

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