What is a Flock?
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Flocks are our virtual co-working sessions, led by expert facilitators, designed to free you from distraction, fill you with motivation and help you get more done than you ever thought possible, even when working remotely or alone!

During a Flock you have the opportunity to work alongside others and take advantage of the combined energy and motivation of the group by working virtually alongside a community of FLOWN members.

You can find out about the science of why Flocks work here.

Why is having a facilitator important?

FLOWN facilitators are handpicked, meticulously trained, and naturally gifted at holding space and making you feel good.

They’re also highly qualified people – our facilitators bring experience from careers in life coaching, mindfulness teaching, breathwork, ADHD coaching, counselling and more.

Each of our facilitators brings their unique skills and personality to the table, sprinkling their own brand of magic onto the experience.

When can I attend a Flock?

Flocks are available Monday to Saturday offering over 100 hours of sessions per week.

If you're looking to dip your toe into the experience at any time, why not try a Drop-In session?

A Drop-In is an unfaciliated virtual space to focus from anytime, and a great place to start your journey with FLOWN if you're feeling shy or curious about virtual-coworking.

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