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I can’t attend a session, how do I cancel?
I can’t attend a session, how do I cancel?
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Unlike Flocks where cancellation isn't necessary, cancelling your participation in a Community Session is important if you're unable to attend.

This courtesy allows the host to adjust plans according to the attendee list and, in the case of sessions with a limited participant number, makes space for others who might be interested in joining.

You can cancel your participation in two ways:

  1. Via the Community Calendar: On the calendar, find your session and hover over the 'Booked' button. You'll see an option to 'Cancel' your booking.

Via the Session Launchpad: If you've received a calendar invite with a session link, you can also cancel your participation directly from the session launchpad.

Please remember to cancel your attendance! if you can't make it to respect the host's planning and to give other community members a chance to participate.

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