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FLOWN's code of conduct
FLOWN's code of conduct
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We’re a warm and welcoming community of deep workers. Here is how we can all work well together:

1. We all welcome everyone who wants to focus, do deep work and get stuff done.

2. We all appreciate that people are here to work, and we try not to interrupt anyone’s flow (except the Facilitator, they are there for you if you need them).

3. We all understand that interaction with other community members in FLOWN sessions is an opportunity to connect, inspire and support each other in reaching our Flock goals.

4. We all respect (and celebrate!) that people may differ from us in countless ways - but a Flock is not the place to bring up political or ideological topics. It is a place to think, work, and create in the reassuring presence of other deep workers.

If you ever feel that you or another member has infringed these codes please contact the FLOWN team at any time.

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